Adding Lytra, Adds Life!

The ancient minerals concentrated in the Great Salt Lake of Utah have been included in thousands of products used by millions of people around the world.

Organic is only part of the solution.

Organic products have become more readily available over the last several decades. Consumers are interested in avoiding harmful pesticides and toxins in their food and cosmetic products, but there is another part of the equation. Crops grown on depleted soil lack the mineral nutrients our bodies need. Lytra can be added to products or soil directly to restore these lost nutrients.

50 Year Legacy

84 Plus Minerals builds upon the 50 year legacy of the Anderson Family who have been harvesting minerals from the Great Salt Lake for five generations. Millions of people have benefited from the use of these minerals, and we are proud to continue that legacy with Lytra.

A Shared Purpose

The founders of 84 Plus Minerals bring their own unique contributions to the team. Each family has been involved in a variety of health missions around the globe. Lytra’s team is committed to improving the quality of products on the market by adding back the nutrients in the proportions that nature intended.