Minerals are the elements that make life possible.

See the science behind Lytra and 84Plus

The Entourage Effect

Minerals in nature exist in the proportions that nature intended for them to be. When these minerals are balanced they are most effective for cell health and longevity. Everything our cells do is dependent on the availability of these micronutrients and minerals in our systems. Many people ‘and soils’ are deficient in Magnesium and other trace minerals. Lytra is magnesium rich and full of the various minerals that our bodies are searching for.

Highest concentration of minerals in the world

For millions of years, snow has been falling on the granite peaks of the Wasatch Mountains and flowing into an ancient inland sea in the Great Basin. As the snow melts and travels downstream it collects mineral deposits that eventually find their way into the Great Salt Lake. As a result, this large flat salty lake has a concentration of millions of years of mineral rich deposits. And the balance these minerals are found in make them more compatible with our bodies.

Harvesting the Minerals

The process of collecting minerals from the basin, concentrating them, and then ensuring their purity, all with natural methods, takes years. But the result is worth the wait. A perfect blend of nature’s 84 essential minerals without any unnecessary artificial ingredients or preservatives.

After harvesting the minerals they are then processed for a variety of applications in a variety of forms and grades. Samples of Lytra Rain (liquid form), Lytra Snow (powder form), and our raw honey with Lytra can be requested. We are a B to B company that aims to provide the desired bulk in the form and to the specifications our clients request. Please, contact us to inquire about your specific product needs.

Add Lytra to your product

Lytra can enhance virtually any product. Request a sample today and see what Lytra can do for you.



When Lytra is added to other foods and beverages both the flavor and nutrition are enhanced. The mineral makeup of Lytra is Magnesium rich, and lower in Sodium than most other natural salt products that contain trace minerals. Lytra’s unique balance of minerals is key to delivering the best health benefits without adding unnecessary sodium in the process.

Scientifically backed

For over a century, the health benefits of minerals have been studied by scientists and researchers around the world. One study by researchers from Montana, found that adding these minerals to water improved overall hydration, even if less total water was being consumed. Studies have shown that these minerals have the power to increase agricultural yields, improve overall health of animals when used in pet supplements and increase longevity when used in skinceutical applications.

The science is clear. Lytra contains the natural minerals our bodies are searching for in ideal concentrations so that a maximum effect can be felt.

Our bodies crave these nutrients they are lacking and know when they find it.