Add Life with Lytra

Lytra adds 84+ valuable trace minerals to everyday products for healthier minds and bodies.


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Healthy Minds
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What is Lytra?

Lytra is a premier food-grade additive containing natural minerals mined from the world’s most pure sources. This special formulation is proven to promote better health, system function and overall wellness.

Add 84 Plus Minerals

How are 84Plus minerals effecting products? Take a tour of selected products and see how 84Plus is taking the market by storm with its unique health initiative.

Add Lytra. Add Life.

Science shows that adding Lytra trace minerals can increase the shelf life of your product and boost potency and effectiveness in nearly all scenarios.

Rich Legacy of Health

The Great Salt lake has a rich heritage of the world’s purest trace minerals. Early native Americans mined these waters centuries ago. In the early 1860’s people traveled far and wide to take advantage of the mineral’s healing benefits. Today, with modern technology, we are mining these minerals in their most pure form. We’re proud to introduce a new high quality additive that represents the very best in longevity and proven health benefits.